Happy Birthday to..

NPG Ax141758; Siegfried Loraine Sassoon by Hon. Robert Gathorne-HardySiegfried Loraine Sassoon, CBE, MC. Born on this day in 1886.

The first poem of Sassoon’s that I ever read was The Dug-Out and I am in no way exaggerating when I say that it affected me deeply. In lieu of a longer post detailing his service in the First World War, as well as his poetry, I have decided to post the very first poem that sparked my interest and made me feel so deeply that it moved me to tears.

Why do you lie with your legs ungainly huddled
and one arm bent across your sullen, cold
exhausted face? It hurts my heart to watch you
deep shadow’d from the candle’s guttering gold
And you wonder why I shake you by the shoulder
Drowsy, you mumble and sigh and turn your head…

You are too young to fall asleep forever;
and when you sleep you remind me of the dead.




2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to..

    1. He is most definitely one of my favourites too. I’ve read a lot of his work and I agree, The General is another wonderful example of his work; the way his scathing attitude towards the ‘generals’ seems to permeate every word, that accusatory tone at the end too!
      To Any Dead Officer is also superb.

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