in the somme valley, the back of language broke -robert hughes

Minuscule update to say that I’m going to a talk this Saturday at Leeds central library with Richard van Emden and Andrea Hetherington. The focus is on the ‘families left behind’ and to follow there’s a British Future panel about the centenary of the First World War and whether or not it can bring us, as a nation, closer together. 

I will definitely post about this on my return and if you’re in Leeds, I encourage you to go; there are still tickets left here.

My exams are over now, which means I’ll be able to keep up a lot more with this blog. There has also been movement on the trip to France. We’re travelling down to London on the 23rd, crossing to Calais on the 24th and returning home on the 28th. We’ve already decided to visit two cemeteries, Rue-Petillon Military Cemetery and Serre Road Cemetery No. 2.

Expect lots of posts in the near future and thanks for reading and sticking with me through these last few, admittedly flaky updates.


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